Guest Experience

May 2019

“It’s called “Eating Tokyo” and we certainly got plenty of “eating” … but really this tour was more like being immersed in a “theatre of food”, in which we were cast as “the eaters”, our guides Janice and Sue shared the roles of “director” “stage manager” and “narrator’, and the starring roles were filled by the raw ingredients, the restaurants, the chefs, their wonderful skills, and the immense hospitality of the people of Tokyo. I’m giving it 5 Stars”

Billy Maas, Sydney, Australia

“I have been visiting Japan regularly for the last 12 years both for work and pleasure and I was amazed at how much l learnt on the Eating Tokyo Tour, It was a very genuine unique experience that allows you to experience Tokyo like a local”

Kelly White, Los Angeles, USA

“ Eating Tokyo is a defining moment for anyone interested in Japanese food – nothing will ever be the same again ! Oh and by the way the best seafood, the best beef, best pork and the best sushi: sashimi you have ever eaten and such lovely people – thank you Sue and Janice “

Annabelle White, Auckland, New Zealand

“We had an amazing time and really appreciated seeing the city through your eyes. Thank you so much for leading us on this spectacular epicurean odyssey. We are plotting and scheming our return to Tokyo”

Neil Fleming, San Francisco, USA

October 2018

“A brilliant tour that really showed off the deep culinary culture of Japan and the amazing variety and quality of their food and drink. It was an excellent balance between a guided experience with the freedom to explore other aspects of such a rich and unique city. Each restaurant was excellent and we went to places we would have never found on our own. Sue and Janice are wonderfully fun and friendly hosts who provided us with an amazing experience that left us wanting even more of what Tokyo has to offer”

Louise and Paul Williams – Auckland

“It was such a fascinating trip. Your tour was a great introduction to Japan food, customs, etiquette and just getting around the city on foot and train. It gave us the confidence to continue exploring the different regions we visited on our own without getting too lost.

We loved the variety of experiences – food hall in Isetan, the fish market, the tea and sake tasting, our cocktail evening and all the delicious meals, all so different.

Enjoyed all the folk we came across – all so kind, polite and helpful- hope it’s rubbing off on us.”

Helen and Keith Ferguson – Wellington

May 2018

“Sue and Janice, thank you for a fun filled food extravaganza, it was awesome. You have been more than generous with your time, offering us interesting food and cultural knowledge throughout the entire tour”

Siena & Michael Chung, Wellington

“Thanks so much for a wonderful week, very special”

Bernadette Courtney, Wellington

“We absolutely loved the time we spent with you in Tokyo and thank you both so much for all the effort you put into hosting us. It really was an unforgettable week and we have many great memories of our time with you”

Marg & Ray Langley, Wellington

“Sue and Janice, a huge thank you. The week in Tokyo was so well organised and managed it went like clockwork- or so it seemed to us. I overcame my fear of raw fish and became a real convert. The rest of our trip has been amazing we have coped very well. Locals have been stunned by our keenness to order sake. We are now about to leave albeit with sadness but heaps of happy memories. You have converted us!! Thanks so much”

Jacqui Hughes, Whakatane

 “We had such an incredible time over the whole holiday. The two of you did such a professional complete job with the tour it gave us a great introduction to Japan. I have been raving about it to everyone! Thanks again”

Jennifer Le Comte, Restaurateur, Napier

“I loved every minute of my 5 day Eating Tokyo tour, which was a perfect blend of planned and free time, where every minute was well spent thanks to the passion and knowledge of Sue and Janice. Their insights gave us instant access to the most interesting and varied eating experiences that we simply would not have found on our own. 

 Eating Tokyo was such a great way to feel immediately immersed in Tokyo’s different neighbourhoods and quickly come to grips with navigating what might otherwise be a confusing place. We enjoyed some truly special eating experiences from simple, tasty bar food to beautiful, elegantly crafted dishes and every mouthful was memorable.”

Julie Le Clerc, Cookbook Author, Food writer & stylist, Auckland

May 2017

“We loved every minute of our 5 day Eating Tokyo tour. Everything was a highlight”

Ruth Pretty, Ruth Pretty Catering, Wellington

“Eating Tokyo was an adventure for the taste buds and a chance to get a sense of how Tokyo ticks”

Marjory Embleton, Wellington

“The places we have dined at have been so skilfully curated and the experiences truly memorable. The final dinner was the most outstanding meal of my life. #respect”

Julie Clark, Floriditas, Wellington