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On my Eating Tokyo tour there was one elusive food item which assumed a kind of cult status.  The herding talents of Sue and Janice were put to the test as group members darted into alleyways, dodged cyclists and dashed across busy streets like highly trained (but hopefully nicer looking) pigs on a kind of truffle hunt for this rare delicacy.

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Exploring Kiso Valley

Taking time out from Tokyo and looking forward to a few days of open spaces and quiet time I take the train south to Nagoya and on to the Kiso Valley. I plan to spend two nights in Tsumago, a post town on the Nakasendo Way from where I will take a day walk to Magome, the next town along the route.

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Say this city’s name and your thoughts immediately go to 6 August 1945, the day the first atomic bomb was dropped on Japan. Images of a city and its people devastated, destroyed.

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